These minimalist corn holders are a unique way to keep your fingers clean while you enjoy your corn on the cob. Beautifully forged by hand using mild steel, these corn holders are forged to a point on the tips, twisted hot and then hammered to create the lovely tear drop shape of the handle. They will look wonderful accenting your favorite meal!

Optionally you could have initials stamped into the handle to give them an added personal touch! If you would like an initial stamped into the handle, please select the "Personalized" option and in the notes of your order, please indicate up to 4 different letters that you would desire. I am able to punch one letter into each handle, whatever combination you would like. You could choose anything from the same letter on all 4 holders, all the way up to each holder with its own individual letter.

These are sold as two pairs of corn holders (you will receive a total of 4 individual corn holders)

Each of these sets are made to order, and while the quality, design and craftsmanship will match what is pictured, your individual items may vary ever so slightly in appearance.

Corn Holders - Hand Forged (Set of 4 holders)


Personalization Description