This one of a kind WoT themed "Crowns" dice set includes 5 hand forged steel dice to play the fictional game "crowns" from the WoT fantasy series of books. Dice are 3/4" square each. This collectors set also includes a beautiful felt dice bag, making it ready to be gifted to the Wheel of Time fan in your life. They will certainly be in awe of your gift finding skills, as there is nothing out there quite like this hand forged crowns dice set! Dice have the following symbols on the 6 different sides: crown, rose, sword, cup, star and wand.

The game of "Crowns" is the most popular dice game throughout the world of WoT. A set of 5 dice would be rolled, and the roll would be scored. The aim is to get the largest number of dice showing the same face.

"The spotted dice would do for a number of games, but more men seemed to play Crowns than anything else."

The dice used for Crowns have symbols rather than spots - crowns, roses, rods (or wands), stars, cups and swords:

"Rattling the dice in the leather cup, Mat spun them out on the table. They stopped with two crowns, two stars and a cup showing. A fair toss; no better... The blue-eye man's toss rolled across the table, and the dice stopped showing three crowns, a rose and a rod. "

The symbols are ranked, with crowns highest. Five crowns is the highest toss in the game and is called the king. Mat threw the king six times in a row in Tar Valon.

The loaded dice Comar used for Crowns showed three crowns and two roses, and was a throw that would be very unlikely to be beaten. Therefore roses are probably the next ranked symbol after crowns.

The real world game Crown and Anchor also uses dice with symbols: crown, anchor and the symbols for the four playing card suits (club, heart, spade and diamond).

While the dice for Crowns resemble those used for Crown and Anchor, the games are different. Crown and Anchor is played with three dice and the aim is to bet on the appearance of particular symbols in the next throw. Crowns is most like the real world game Klondike (although Klondike is played with spotted dice). The aim of Klondike, like Crowns, is to get the highest ranking combination. From highest to lowest, these are:

Five of a kind

Four of a kind

Three of a kind plus a pair (Full house)

Three of a kind

Two pairs

One pair

When two players have made throws of the same combination, the combination with the higher number wins. (For full houses, the throws are ranked on the triplet first, and if these are the same, then the pairs are compared.) If the throws still rank the same, they are tied.

Straights (series of five sequential numbers) are not recognized in Klondike and they are probably not recognized in Crowns either. Aces are high in Klondike.

WoT themed "Crowns" dice set. (set of 5 dice)