Hand forged DF dice (set of 4) to be used in your fudge or fate RPG games. Each die is hand forged with beveled edges and hand punched plus and minus symbols. The dice are made from solid 3/4" steel and finished off by polishing on a wire brush wheel.

Be the envy of all of your gaming friends at your next session with your own set of hand forged fudge dice!

If you like what you see here, but need it in a different size/length etc. specific to your particular application, please feel free to send me a "convo". I would love to make something special for you that fits YOUR design!

Each die is forged by hand and while the quality and craftsmanship of your dice will match those that are pictured here, your dice may vary ever so slightly in appearance.

Steel "Forge" dice - hand forged Fudge / Fate dice 3/4" (set of 4)