"Dovie'andi se tovya sagain" - It's time to toss the dice

By far my favorite character from Robert Jordan's WoT series of Fantasy Novels is Matrim Cauthon. He is a ta'veren, a person around whom the wheel of time weaves it's pattern. One of Matrim's traits is that he has uncanny luck, causing nearly every situation he is in that depends on chance to lean heavily in his favor. One way Mat uses his luck to make critical decisions is by tossing a pair of dice. Mat carries a special set of dice used in a game called "Crowns"

I used the imagery created by the words in the books to come up with this design that depicts these special dice that Mat uses. The "1" side is adorned with a single crown image. The rest of the die is outfitted with pips arranged in a circular pattern, taking influence from the Wheel itself. The sides are arranged with the numbers just as a standard die would be arranged. You can use these dice to play any dice game that you would like! These dice are certainly one of a kind, and would be an absolute fantastic gift for any fan of the WoT series!

Made out of solid 3/4" mild steel, hand forged in my smithy, all of the pips and the crown are hand punched. These are finished on a wire polishing wheel and given a shot of protective oil.

These dice are made to order, and while you won't receive the exact item in the picture, the quality and design will be identical to what you see pictured here. Small variations are guaranteed, that's what makes your hand forged dice so unique and quite special!

Matrim Cauthon's Crown Dice (1 pair) - WoT