Hand forged steel pendant made in my traditional blacksmith shop. These pendants start as a cutoff from a 3/8" round piece of steel. I heat the steel to a glowing yellow and flatten it by hammer on my anvil. I then give the face some hammered texture with my ball peen hammer and punch your chosen letter into the face.

When ordering this necklace, please be sure to tell me which single letter you would like punched onto the face of your pendant. You can use the "notes" section when checking out for this purpose.

Each of these pendants comes with a black leather chord with a metal clasp. These pendants are a wonderful and unique gift that your loved one will be sure to cherish!

Each of these hand forged pendants are made to order and while the quality and craftsmanship will match what is pictured here in this listing, your pendant will be truly unique due to the hand made process. Enjoy this one of a kind item for a lifetime!

Hand forged hammered personalized initial pendant


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