These Special dice are forged with the Planeswalker symbol from Magic the Gathering hammered into the face where the '1' pip would normally go. These dice will typically be used in Magic the Gathering to determine order of play, or to be used as counters for various effects, or be used to "Spread the love around" when deciding which opponent to target with a spell.

*See my hand forged MTG themed dice on the set of Geek and Sundry's "Spellslingers" show all throughout season 2! have a look HERE -->

I have been a fan of fantasy role-playing games for most of my life and I've had the idea to combine my love for gaming and my love for blacksmithing and create a truly unique gaming accessory. These hand forged dice will be sure to be a topic of everyone's interest at your next gaming event! These dice are 1" Square and can certainly be used to play (But not recommended for play on a glass table or your mother's antique wood). They were heated in my forge, hand hammered to bevel the edges and then each hole was hand punched hot on the anvil. Each die is unique, no two will ever be the same. This listing is for a pair of 6 sided dice.

If you like what you see here, but need it in a different size/length etc. specific to your particular application, please feel free to send me a "convo". I would love to make something special for you that fits YOUR design!

These are made to order, and while you won't receive the exact item in the picture, the quality and design will be identical. Small variations are guaranteed, that's what makes your hand forged item unique and special!

Six Sided Metal Magic the Gathering Themed Dice (Planeswalker) D6 1" (2 dice) - Hand Forged