This thing is the Swiss Army knife of oven tools! well, ok, maybe the low end swiss army knives, that only do 3 things. This handy kitchen tool will end the days of opening a hot oven and having to stick your face inside to pull out the rack and test your food to see if it's done. No more burning your hand using thin inadequate pot holders.

This oven rack pusher/puller is perfect for grabbing the oven rack from a safe distance to slide it out. Use the toothpick hole to test a cake or brownies to see if they are done! Then, use the other side of the hook to push the rack back in. Never once putting yourself in harms way of the hot oven or its contents!

This was hand forged by me in my smithy. I use recycled steel, forge the useful and handsome design and finish it off on the wire wheel to give it a very smooth feel. After a light coat of beeswax to help protect the metal, it's ready to give a unique and beautiful accent to your kitchen!

If you like what you see here, but need it in a different size/length etc. specific to your particular application, please feel free to send me a "convo". I would love to make something special for you that fits YOUR design!

Oven Rack Puller/Pusher is approx 22" long. Each of these are made to order, and while the quality, design and craftsmanship will match what is pictured, your individual item may vary ever so slightly in appearance.

Oven Rack Puller Pusher with Toothpick Holder - Hand forged