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Here on this page you will find galleries of some of the hand forged ironwork that I've made for folks just like you. Also you can read about some of the bigger news that is happening in my shop. I truly take pride in the items that I forge and I think that comes through in the images I've shared here. Please enjoy your visit here and I hope you find that some of my items could help you in your own home by adding that touch of "unique" that only hand forged iron can give!

Good News! June 2018

It has been a very exciting year so far! I had the incredible honor to get to forge several props for the epic fantasy show, The Outpost, which is coming out on July 10th on the CW. I got to make several interesting items including Thieve's tools, bar tending stirrers, spoons, forks and other tools, surgeons tools which will be used by one of the main characters named Janzo, a forged decorative hand bell, a flint striker, hand saw, a menacing mouth prying torture tool, many nails, horseshoes and several other items. Here is a shot of Janzo with some of my surgeon's tools strapped to his belt.

This year I also had several custom forged shish kabob skewers featured in Southern Living magazine in an article about summer barbecues and shish kabobs. You should definitely head over to their website and check out those beautiful pictures! If you are planning on having a summer cookout and need some skewers of your own, head on over to my shop and get a set for yourself right now!